Welcome to A Purposeful Pirate. The purpose of this blog is to take a Pirate's perspective on certain matters of life, ranging from software, to digital security, to current events. Pay attention, because things have been known to move quickly. Do remember, I am doing this for you, the reader. I am tired of certain people and groups abusing you, and so I am sharing what knowledge I have.

Now for the less-fun stuff:

To contact me, email purposefulpirate (at) mailshack (dot) com. If you spam me, I will hurt you. All email correspondence with me will be signed with my OpenPGP Key, which can be looked up on this keyserver (random.sks.keyserver.penguin.de) using my email address.

Comments will be watched. Inanity or otherwise unproductive foolishness that doesn't amuse me will be screened. Excessive non-amusing foolishness will result in a ban. You have been warned.

Also, this may well be a temporary home. Expect changes of location. You will be notified.


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