Windows Update

People always wonder why Windows-bashers like myself hate Microsoft so very much. Here's a good reason to start: Windows Update consistently breaks my antivirus program and sometimes my firewall.

Every time I've installed any updates to Windows, either off the website or through the auto-update tool, my copy of Norton Antivirus, which in this case is perfectly legit, breaks. I have a legal version of Windows, a legal version of Norton, and a legal version of ZoneAlarm. There should be no reason at all why a professionally built computer, an inspected Dell refurb, should ever have its anti-virus suddenly just start to fail right after an update. I've reinstalled Norton at least five times in the last month or so.

With Linux, when you install updates, you use something like yum, which checks to make sure that there aren't any conflicts before installing the updates. Updates don't break completely unrelated programs. Likewise with Macs. Updates don't break key programs. But it happens with Windows.

Perhaps the problem is the Dell Refurb. Perhaps the problem is Norton. But I know dozens of people who don't update apart from Service Packs, and have Norton on their Dell Refurbs. They're fine. I also know people who use Linux on their Dell Refurbs. They're fine. For some reason, Windows just isn't smart enough or coordinated enough to avoid breaking something every time it comes in with a fix.

This has happened before: Windows Genuine Advantage prevented my computer from booting entirely. I had to reinstall the OS.

These are the sorts of problems one would expect from Beta software. These are the sorts of problems one would expect from software written by people who don't have a good enough grasp of coding practice to clean up after themselves. Not a well-funded corporation.

There is no excuse for such shoddy workmanship.


Blogger The Onion Girl said...

Yeah, but you know what? Bill Gates has done good stuff with the money. So while Microsoft is a piece of shit, Gates has done wonderful things with it.

17/8/06 14:40  
Blogger Elliott said...

Sure. He's done good. He's gone and done everything he can to keep cleaning up the world. Doesn't mean that the company itself isn't still hurting the way we compute.

17/8/06 14:46  
Blogger The Onion Girl said...

The company and its software is shit. There's no denying that. The only reason the world hasn't switched to Macintosh is that they're all stupid.

And especially with the new Intel chip, what possible reason is there to use Windows?

Besides me not having to worry about spyware.

17/8/06 15:04  

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